Debating and public speaking workshops.

We provide debating and public speaking workshops in Dutch and English for organisations, schools, companies, and anyone else who's interested! Check out a selection of recent achievements to learn about some of our trainers. 

Develop your argumentation skills. Our trainers can provide you with tactics, approaches, and general frameworks that can be used in order to debate and argue in an effective way.

Develop your public speaking skills. Our trainers can teach you how to become a more charismatic speaker, and speak in a way that is persuasive and gets your message across.

Workshop Key Focus Points

●Emphasis on Public Speaking skills;

●Clear and concise presentation of arguments;

●Main focus on argumentation (construction and development of arguments)


●Negotiation and persuasiveness skills applicable to a wide range of careers

●Critical thinking and examination of value systems

Contact us if you want more information on the rates of our debating/public speaking workshops (available in Dutch and English)