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 Board room: P building, -1.008

Burgemeester Oudlaan 50 
Rotterdam 3062 PA

Opening Hours

Monday: 6:30PM-10:30PM


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We are here for you.

EDS has always been committed to offering a safe space for every single one of its members. Still, we understand that stressful and challenging situations can arise - that's why we ensure that you can report your concerns and receive help from our designated Confidants.
Everything you discuss with them will remain confidential. They are experienced enough to ensure that you will receive the opportunity to open up about whatever bothers you.

Eric Beverloo

 I’m 32 years old and live with my wife Cynthia in Gouda. I have been a member of EDS since 2009, where I’ve had roles within the board and various other supporting positions. Currently I am one of the confidants, which means that whenever a member encounters a situation within the society that they are uncomfortable with or uncertain about, they can come to me. I can do three things for you:

1. I can listen to the situation and give advice on how to deal with it.
2. I can raise an issue with the board so they can take structural action
3. I can raise an issue with the General Assembly of Members or Board Advisory Committee, if the concerning point entails the board.

It doesn’t matter whether you feel that the issue concerning/confusing you isn’t ‘big’ or ‘important’. When you are uncertain about it, I can listen. 
Know that all conversations will be completely confidential. The board and other members will not be informed about our conversations, unless you give consent for your concerns to be shared. 

I hope to see some or all of you soon, as soon as my schedule permits it.

I can be reached at +31 6 46 69 58 53

Zoe Blok


For those of you who don't yet know me, my name is Zoë and I am currently one of the society's confidants, together with Eric Beverloo. You can approach either one of us whenever you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or unhappy because of a situation within the society. Everything discussed will be confidential. The board and other members will not be informed about our conversations, unless you give consent for your concerns to be shared. 

If you choose to talk to me about an issue, I can either just listen and give advice, I can go to the board on your behalf (during which you can remain completely anonymous) or to the General Assembly of Members if the board is involved in the situation you're dealing with. If you are uncertain whether a problem is worth addressing, know that confidants are there for your wellbeing and keeping the society a safe environment, so no problem is too small. 

If there is in fact something you'd like to discuss, you can approach me on Monday nights (you can just ask around if you don't yet recognize me) or you can contact me at +31 6 30808106.

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