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Monday Debates at Polak 3-14, at 18:45
Erasmus Novice Cup (January 27th)
Erasmus Rotterdam Open (May 25th-26th)


If you are interested please send us a message through Instagram, Facebook, email or WhatsApp. Please indicate if you are a novice (it is your first year debating at university level) and/or if English is your second language.

Before registering for a Tournament as a Judge or Debater please read through our Dropout Policy.

No partner to go to a tournament with?

 Just text us and we will find you the perfect match :)

Upcoming Tournaments:

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Amsterdam December 2-3, contact us if interested!


Join our upcoming Workshops so you can further develop your Debating Skills!

Upcoming Workshops:

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We have a big social every month, so come back soon to find the next great social published here.

Upcoming Socials:

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Join us for our Trivia night social on October 13th, at 19:00 in Polak 2.18!