Dutch Anglosaxon Parliamentary Debate Institute

DAPDI is an international training week for debaters from all over the globe. The world's finest debaters and trainers come to Rotterdam to teach eager debaters the skills that are necessary to become debating champions. The last two days of DAPDI consist of a tournament, organized and judged by these tutors.

DAPDI 2019

Join us in Rotterdam in July for an exciting week of workshops, fun socials everyday (game night! different restaurants! pub nights) and round it off with a tournament.

Perfect for all debating levels from EUDC prep, to those who are just starting or are looking to hone their skills and get ready for next academic year. DAPDI is a perfect opportunity to improve your public speaking and argumentation skills in a friendly environment.

  • July 15-19, 2019
  • Rotterdam
  • €120 (with crash)/€100 (without) per person

Send us an email at dapdirotterdam@gmail.com