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Glowgolfing - May 29th

It is minigolf but with optional 3D glasses in a fluorescent environment! For only 5 euros you can have this trippy experience with your favourite debate friends!

VI Lustrum

On 11th May EDS is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The society is having a GALA with dinner and a party on the 8th June at Engels.

Announcement of the new board

Traditionally, we announce the new board during the Dies dinner. As we celebrate our Lustrum this year, the new board will be announced during the dinner on the 8th of June. Make sure to buy your ticket for the gala and experience this spectacular moment!

No debating on Monday the 10th of June!

Due to Whit Monday, the university will be closed on the 10th of June. This means there will also be no Monday evening debates. This gives you more time to recover from the Lustrum Gala!


Delft Open (25-26 May)

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May 25-26th, Delft, €70 for teams and €10 for judges

It is with great excitement that we announce the third edition of the annual debating tournament by TU Delft Debating Club: Delft Open 2019! 

As usual, we offer:
- 5 rounds of British Parliamentary debates with 7 minutes of speaking time
- The chance to break to the semi-final and novice final
- A high quality CA team
- Amazing food and an amazing social
- Crash for Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday
- A highly sociable atmosphere

Dates: Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of May 2019 (presocial on Friday the 24th)
Location: CLD (Delft, the Netherlands)
Registration fees: €70 for teams and €10 for judges

DTU Semi Serious (29 May)

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May 29th, Utrecht

You take ourselves too seriously. You are all handsome and smart but you're a bit uptight. No don't click away you need to hear this. You need to let loose man. Get out of the rigid debate structure where you try to make everyone happy in your world. Deep down you know you can't make everyone happy and never will. So at the very least make sure you're happy. Let's bring in some motions where you can express yourself. We know you always wanted to talk about why we should invade Belgium or ban annoying brats from public transport. Semi Serious just wants to see you smile again and express yourself. Semi Serious is here for you. 

Date: May 29th
Location: Campusplein Utrecht

NK Eloquentia / Eloquence tournament (25 June)

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June 25th, Amsterdam, 5 euros pp, rounds in both English and Dutch (final in Dutch)

---- ENGLISH BELOW -----
Hou jij van:
- Duidelijk spreken?
- Mooie non-verbale communicatie?
- Humor?
- Goed geschreven speeches?
- Solide argumentatie?

Dan is er goed nieuws, het NK eloquentia staat ook in 2018-2019 nog op het programma. Dit jaar is het nog leuker want:
- Onze alumnileden komen jureren en meedoen
- Het is in de avond dus een biertje kan gewoon
- Het is de laatste avond van het jaar
- Je kan meedoen in het Engels en Nederlands!

Prijs: 5 euro
Locatie: Amsterdam, waar precies wordt aan gewerkt!
Hoofdjuryteam: Wordt aan gewerkt!
Format: Wordt aan gewerkt!
Aantal deelnemers: max 16

How does it work with English/Dutch?
Well, we expect most people that sign up to be Dutch, but the internationals can definitively participate as well. We make sure you only participate in English only rounds!

----- English ------
Hello internationals,

This is a tournament specifically for eloquent speaking and speeching. We have dedicated English and Dutch rounds, though the final is in Dutch. There is however a prize for best international!

The format is different than normal, so wait for the update!

Berlin IV (28-30 June)

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June 28-30th, Berlin, €5 for teams and free for judges

Berlin IV is back!
Summer, Sun, Berlin and Debating. Not a dream, this is real.

Berlin IV is from the 28th to 30th of June. Unless you break, you will be free on Sunday, which gives you the opportunity to explore Berlin!

Dates: Friday the 28th until Sunday the 30th of June 2019 (First round on Friday)
CA Team: Brian Wong, Nishith Hegde, David Metz, Gabrielle McClymont
Tabber: Your own president, Annemarijn ;)
Location: Berlin, crash provided
Registration fees: €5 for teams and free for judges
Deadline to sign up: Tuesday 7th of May

DAPDI (15-19 July)

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tournament, DAPDI
  • July 15-19, 2019
  • Rotterdam
  • €120 (with crash)/€100 (without) per person