About us

The oldest, largest and most international debating society of the Netherlands.

Located at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Erasmus Debating Society mostly attracts its membership from Erasmus University students, who participate in our weekly English debate evenings.

The society also organises numerous workshops and social activities for its members, such as the Member's Weekend, a Halloween Night and a Christmas dinner.

Come join us on Monday evenings at 18:45 on campus Woudestein. Check out our social media for more information and updates!

Members of EDS regularly participate in international debating competitions. Our debaters won the World Universities Debating Championship in 2006, in addition to making our Society a three-time European Champion in the category of English as a Second Language (2001, 2003 and 2005). Moreover, members of EDS have repeatedly won the Dutch Championship (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011). 

XXXIV Board of EDS

The XXXIV (34th) board of EDS consists of Yannis Diakantonis, Bianca De Bruijn, Nic Treczoks and Francisco d'Orey Neves (from left to right). 

If you have any questions about tournaments, what our society can do for your organisation or if you would like to become a partner of EDS, please contact us by sending an email to eds.board@gmail.com

Bianca De Bruijn (she/her)


Bianca is our President, meaning that she has an oversight over all tasks and functions of EDS. She is responsible for coordinating the board and representing the society both internally and externally.

As every EDS member knows, she is an avid cat person but, interestingly enough, trains dogs in her free time.

Favourite debate motion: THBT all water (including tap water) should be carbonated

Francisco d'Orey Neves (he/him) 


Francisco is our Treasurer and is tasked with bookkeeping, in addition to controlling the revenues and expenses of EDS. Also, he is responsible for creating the Society's budget, as well as overseeing all financial transactions.

Staying true to his Portuguese origins, he is passionate about collecting sea urchins. Furthermore, he calms down by listening to Norwegian black metal.

Favourite debate motion: THBT the world's poor would be justified in pursuing a Marxist revolution

Nic Treczoks (they/he/she)


The job of the Secretary is to handle communication within the society and with other groups. Nic keeps track of what we discuss during meetings and updates every EDS member regarding our plans and events.

Nic has been singing for as long as they have been alive. They also love making lemon-flavoured snacks and will promptly remind you that non-sorbet lemon ice needs to be eaten quickly before turning into a flavour you'd rather want to avoid. 

Favourite debate motion: THBT ignorance is bliss

Yannis Diakantonis (he/him)

General Board Member

Yannis is our Tournament Officer - he is tasked with coordinating the organisation of ERO and the Erasmus Novice Cup. On top of that, he is Head of Promotions and manages our website, as well as our social media platforms.

Yannis spends his time listening to political podcasts, in order to satisfy his insatiable urge to participate in dinner conversations. Furthermore, he is determined to become a Michelin chef should everything else not work.

Favourite debate motion: THW ban meat